List of Festivals and cultural events.

Saintlouis Jazz festival

This Music event attracts various Jazz bands from all over the world. It usually takes place on every May in Saintlouis Senegal city. We will advise you about the set dates. For some information look at their website.

Festival du Sahel

This festival will give you the chance to enjoy a great African music experience on the fancy sand dunes of Lompoul desert .The festival takes usually place on April. You can have a look at their website:

Goree diaspora festival

This event sets up a cultural bridge between Africa and its diaspora. Conferences, arts exhibition, music, folklore and more will be fill up this festival that takes place on November. Visit their website.

Dak’Art: Celebration of African arts creativity

Dakar city hosts this contemporary art biennale Dak’art withother major cities in Senegal for one month every two years. This event showcases a wide spectrum of international contemporary art ranging from drawings, paintings to sculptors, ceramics and even digital artworks. Next Dak’Art will be organized on May 2016.

Abene festival

This festival taking often place on December in Casamance region of Senegal features local folklore, internationalmusic, dances…

Festival of urban and traditional cultures-Ziguinchor

It usually takes place on April.

Bassari and Bedik tribes’ initiations, ceremonies and rites:

Listed among the UNESCO world cultural sites, these minorities tribes keep on celebrating theirancestors’ traditions and rites during April-May of every year.

Blues du fleuve. (November-December)

This music festival takes places at the north of Senegal and showcases local Fulani folklore, music…

Festival Kaayfecc

A dance festival taking place in Dakar on every May.

Bakelcommunities’ integration Festival (usually on January)

This festival takes place in Bakel city in the region of Tambakounda .This festival celebrates African integrations and brotherhood showcasing various tribes’ cultures, folklore, dance, rites….

Mbour festival of cultures. (On every April)
Dakar Fashion week (On every June)

This event showcases African designs and creativity. Have a look at their website at:

NB: Some more festivals and cultural events may be added. So stay tuned for more information about it.