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What should I bring with me when travelling to Senegal?

Since Senegal is a sunny subtropical country you can bring with you light cotton clothes, sun glasses, hats, sandals, basket shoes, sunscreens, a handy travel bag, and mosquito’s repellent products, raincoat especially during rainy season. If you take some medication, make sure to bring enough for the period of your stay. You can also find medication in some drugstores.

Can I make some money change into local currency?

Yes you can do so in the various money change offices located at the airport and across Dakar city. Local banks offer also some money change service. All major international currencies like USD, Euro, are accepted for change. Your English speaking guide can assist you when necessary.

Are there ATMs?

Yes there are ATMs in major cities and accept Credit Cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express). The ATMs are located only in main cities. So when travelling to the countryside make sure to get some enough cash money for the duration of your trip. Your tour guide can advise you.

Can I pay by Credit Card?

High-class restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, modern shops in main cities accept payment by Credit card.In the countryside, small hotels, lodges, restaurants, shops usually don’t accept Credit cards.So make sure to have some cash local money when visiting the countryside.

Is it safe to walk around?

Yes it is safe to walk around as Senegal is not a dangerous country but you should be careful as everywhere in the world. Senegal is a peaceful country with friendly people. There are many European people living in Dakar who are well integrated into Senegalese communities. That is why the crime rate in Senegal is among the lowest in the world but there are sometime some pick pockets hanging around. So don’t expose your wallet or belongings that are of great value. Don’t walk alone either in the night away from tourists spots.

How should I dress up?

Senegal is a modern and open country while conserving its traditions. So people dress up in both European like style and African style. You are required to dress up conveniently only when visiting a holy place.( Mosque or a Church)

How much do I tip to restaurants and porters?

For individuals, 2 USD per person is suitable. For groups 1 USD per person is suitable.

Do I have access to internet connection?

Yes you can have an easy access to internet connections in most hotels and restaurants in the cities that provide free Wi-Fi connections. Some business centers are also available and offer facilities for businessmen. Senegal has one of the best internet networks in West Africa but in the remote countryside access to internet is limited.

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